Why I aspire to be like my Grandmother

This weekend has been full of family coming over, and I’ve had a blast. My great grandma Haffner came down on Saturday and I believe she’s staying until Tuesday. Then, my grandma Pruitt, Aunt Bonnie, and Uncle Dave ( who aren’t actually my aunt and uncle but I have too many family members to figure it out. ) I think they are my mom’s Aunt and Uncle, but this is too confusing.
Anyway, so I went to my Memaw and Papaw’s to visit them last night, May 22, 2017 on Monday.
I am always so excited when they come down, because they are so fun to be around. I hadn’t seen them in little over a year until yesterday! One thing we learned, is that we know where I got my short height from. As we took turns hugging my grandma Pruitt and Aunt Bonnie while Uncle Dave was outside grilling, I was the last person to hug them and guess what my grandma Pruitt says? ” Bless your heart, your little brother and sister have passed you already!” This made me lol because of the humor in it, that everybody thought I was going to be taller! I’m almost 18, and I haven’t grown since fifth grade. I’m still 5″4, which is a fairly average height, but here in Tennessee, everybody is tall, so automatically I’m short. It probably doesn’t help that I have stumpy lookin’ legs.
As the night went on, I began thinking about the qualities I see in my grandma Pruitt, and they’re qualities that I would like to have and the thing I appreciate about her.

  • She is the most hilarious person on this planet, and I don’t say that as an exaggeration, I mean she is literally the funniest person to have ever been alive. I can’t think of one time that I’ve visited her and she didn’t make me laugh.
  • When things get tough, she’s able to laugh through it. I remember when my grandpa Pruitt passed away a few years ago, and she was still able to smile through the pain.
  • She doesn’t let her insecurities, if she even has any, to get in her way of loving life.
  • She gives great guy advice, ” Don’t bother with them at all, men are dumb.”
  • While I’m currently in search of another job, we were talking about it and I was telling her why I was leaving, because I don’t get treated well there, and she made me feel better about it and helped me realize that it’s not my fault those people at my work are mean to me, they’re just sad themselves so they take their sadness out on me.

Those are just a few thing that I appreciate about my Grandma Pruitt, but I will for sure be adding more, because there’s just so many things I could say about her.  This is a fairly short post, but I thought I’d just write one in real quick to put some positive thoughts into y’all’s day 🙂
​Let me know in the comments below who you aspire to be, and why!
Y’all have a Blessed day!
-Hannah xoxo
Proverbs 16:31

31 Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.

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