Thanksgiving: A time of thanks or overindulgence?

Hey you guys, *sigh* yes, I once again have failed at the keeping up with my blog posts. Between work and my senior year of high school, I barely have time to just have some alone time to myself. I find blogging to be a stress reliever of course, but sometimes you just need to spend your day off by laying in your bed, snuggled up with your cat meanwhile watching Jess and Gabriel vlogs. If you don’t know who Jess and Gabriel are, then wow, you are missing out on A LOT! They are the sweetest Christian couple vloggers that you’ll ever watch. I just love them so much. I’ll have to make another post about my favorite vloggers because they are seriously my top fave.

Anyways, getting off topic as usual lol. Thanksgiving time has already passed a few days ago, but it’s not December yet so let’s talk about this big holiday. We all know what Thanksgiving is and how it came to be. Well most of us, if you don’t then google it because I’m on Fall break as I’m writing this and Fall break = No school work.

One thing that I find when celebrating Thanksgiving is that people either always talk about Thanksgiving being a time of thankfulness towards what happened with the pilgrims and Indians, our nation, being thankful for the friends and family we have, etc. Then there are some people who are literally just all about the food. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that you can’t be super excited for those mashed potatoes, pies, and Turkey! I’m saying that sometimes we ( yes I’m included ) get so caught up in the fun festivities of things that we don’t take enough time to think, “Hey, if it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t have this holiday to celebrate thankfulness with friends and family.”

I really love how you can always relate everything that is good back to the Lord and his works. During Thanksgiving, we think about the pilgrims and Indians, and how they were the beginning of what we have today. Well, God is the reason that those things ever happened. He made those people so that we could have what we have today, and he created their purposes. I just love looking deeper into things because when you do, you always find that it always traces back to Lord and what he has done for us.

So, remembering the origin of a holiday doesn’t only apply to Thanksgiving, but Christmas as well. I know Christmas is so so exciting, but let’s take a breather and focus on that holiday at hand first lol. Let’s focus on being more grateful, and thoughtful towards why we are really celebrating these holiday’s and what it actually is supposed to be. To celebrate the last few days of this Thanksgiving month, here are 5 things that I’m most thankful for:

  1. Our Savior. This might sound like the churchy answer or whatever, but it honestly is my number one. If we didn’t have Jesus who died for us, where would our world be right now? It would be in even more chaos than it already is, and we’d be doomed from the day we are born until we die. Jesus is the reason that we even have the option of going to heaven to celebrate his victory after our time has passed on earth, so that is why it’s my number one thing that I’m thankful for.
  2. My Freedom. This is one that I feel we take for granted for a lot. You just happened to be born in the US where you have the freedom to wear what you want ( or lack thereof ), say what you want, believe what you want, without a consequence. Unless of course, you break a law meanwhile doing it. But isn’t that such a crazy thing to think about is that over across seas, people are being persecuted every day for their belief. If you’re a believer that’s reading this, just think how lucky we are to not have to fear being thrown into jail and sent to be executed just because we believe in Christ. It’s still something that I have to take time to fathom every day and something that I’m constantly grateful for.
  3. Friends and Family. This one too is also everybody’s answer, but I think it explains itself. Without friends and family, it can get kinda lonely and it’s just nice to have the positive ones around you to do this thing called life.
  4. My pets. I am so thankful for the ones that I currently have and the ones who have passed on. They’ve all brought an endless amount of happiness in my life, and I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without any of my pets. You get these adorable faces to look at for a good part of your life and they are just such innocent creatures. I don’t know about you, but I could be having an awful day and just looking at them makes it better. We don’t deserve the animals that the Lord has gifted us with, but I’m thankful he gave us them.
  5. My education. Yeah I know, boo school, homework, college, etc. Meanwhile, a good part of it is really boring and doesn’t have much significance to you, but have you thought about what you would be like without the education you’ve received? If we didn’t have English class or spelling, nobody would be able to text and make sense to each other, like communication with our mouths and words wouldn’t be a thing because nobody would be educated in it and able to make sense. Yeah, Spanish class may suck but I’ve realized that Spanish was actually useful because I can communicate with customers at my retail job  ” please,” “thank you,” ” you’re welcome, ” and how much their purchase is.

I hope this was a fun little read to remind us how important it is to really take a step back and look at the real reason why we celebrate each holiday. Comment down below what you guys are thankful for! I know I’m definitely thankful for y’all that read my blogs even when sometimes I have to take a break from it to catch up with school! Y’all have a blessed day and I’ll see you guys on Tuesday!

Psalm 107: 8-9 

8 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, 
9 for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.


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