Picking Up Where I Left Off

Hey y’all! Oh my word, it has been so long since I have posted! SO much has happened since I first started this blog. You know when you wish really bad for something and you think you’re NEVER going to get it, but then later you get it and you’re like, ” Wow, if only I could go back in time and tell myself that I would eventually get it!” Okay, so here’s what I’m talking about.

Back in Summer-Winter 2017, I had been talking to this guy of interest. I actually had been talking to him for a few years before I actually met him. I thought for sure that he could be great boyfriend material. Boy, was I wrong! Him and my parents didn’t get along, my family didn’t really like him that much, but I still fought for him, for reasons I’m not sure why. I think in that point of my life I was looking for comfort and the feeling of being needed/wanted. I wanted a close relationship and I had always dreamed of finding that special someone since I was a little girl. Instead of seeking love and a relationship in the Lord first to fill that void, I sought it through this guy. Fast forward to November 2017, I thought my world was crumbling. This guy I had dropped so much for, fought so much for, completely dropped me. All because I wouldn’t do something for him that I didn’t agree with. I thought he was this amazing, Godly man, but in reality he wasn’t. He still had tons to work on himself.

So, I thought my life was over. I seriously cried my eyes out because instead of getting from that toxic relationship that,

” I’m better than that. I don’t need a guy like that.” I got, ” I’m not good enough. If only I had just done what he wanted, my life would be so amazing right now, we’d be so happy.”

I am SO thankful, forever thankful that I did not sacrifice my beliefs and who I am for that guy. I owe it all to the man upstairs for talking in my head, directing me to a safer path. If it wasn’t for God, I would have never met Dalton.

Dalton is my boyfriend now. He is a million times better than that guy could have ever been or ever will be. I met Dalton January 24th, 2018. This was a specially busy day, it was a Wednesday and I had gotten my Senior pictures done earlier that day. After Church that night, my parents and I were trying to think of a place to go eat. For some reason I was craving Subway SO bad. Y’all, I don’t ever crave Subway. I have probably eaten there only 5 times before I met Dalton, if not less in my lifetime. So, we went to Subway. Before we even walked in, I saw him through the glass door and I remember all of a sudden I just got this weird feeling. You know that feeling when you recognize someone you haven’t seen in forever, and it’s someone you actually want to see? It was that kind of feeling! So we went inside and I was so nervous I ordered my sandwich backwards lol! But he was so good at his job that he knew what I meant. So about half an hour passed, him, my parents and I were having a great conversation, we talked about a whole bunch of things. I remember distinctly him talking about his dog and I love dogs so much so of course, more brownie points for him. Anyways, so we were walking out and I felt this tinge of regret for not turning around and giving him my number. On the way to the car my parents said, ” He’s a really nice young man and he seemed to like you Hannah. You should’ve gotten his number.” I didn’t want to run back inside though and do that because I still had some thoughts telling me I wasn’t going to be good enough, that there is NO way on earth that he liked me at all and that this was just a mess waiting to happen.

 On the way home, I texted some of my girl friends and got their opinion. Should I go back and get this guys number or just leave it? They voted, get his number. So I got home, but I could not stop thinking about him. I knew I could just go back another day but I also thought, ” What if I go back on a day that he isn’t working? What if that was his last day at Subway?” So, what did I do? I called the store lol.

Before I did, I prayed and I told God, ” If this is not the guy for me, please have him say no. I am tired of wasting my time on the wrong guy.”

So with that, I called Subway. At first this lady answered and I don’t know how all subways are, but most of the time the people there don’t speak very good English. So I spent about ten minutes trying to explain to her that I needed to speak to this young man and I don’t know his name. I described him to her and she finally knew who I was talking about. Then he answered the phone and y’all I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! I was so nervous but I said, ” Hey, I was in there about twenty minutes ago with my parents and I am so sorry if this is weird but I thought you were really nice so I was wondering if I could give you my number and we could hang sometime?” and y’all he said YES. I was SO excited! Before we hung up I was like “WAIT, I don’t even know your name!” and that’s when I finally could call him his name, rather than referring to him as ‘Subway boy’ to my friends lol.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to! I also graduated high school early May and Dalton graduated towards the end. Dalton is currently at boot camp where he is training to serve as an Army Soldier! He left June 5th and I’ll see him August 15th before he heads to AIT! AIT  (Advanced Individual Training) is like going to school, so they can learn the skills for the job they signed up for! This is where I am going to leave it for now. My next post will be all about the day he leaves for basic training! I will also be making a post about ” Things to do before your boyfriend leaves for boot camp.” I want to still keep this a blog for Christian girls but also a place for other girls with boyfriends going in to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, etc. If y’all have any questions about what to expect, experience, just anything in general, feel free to comment below and I’ll answer asap! 🙂




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