Is Grief really a bad thing?

On Monday morning I was on the way back from my dentist appointment that ended around 10 am. I typically will listen to 97.1, which is a Christian radio station for those who didn’t know. On that station, I suppose something happened where a girl named Jessica passed away. I […]

Verses For Your Emotions

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, trying to look up gift ideas for a friend, or a significant other such as your boyfriend or girlfriend? Just me? It’s okay, I won’t tell anybody you do that too. Anyway, so if you’re ” not ” familiar with what I’m talking about, […]

My Testimony

* There are some references to cuss words in here. I only used them as references, not as me actually using them. There are a few mentions of self harm, but nothing detailed.* This is the story of a girl, who found Jesus in a cruel world.. Okay, if you […]