Dear Teenage Girls,

Dear Teenage Girls,

Whether you just turned 13, or you’re going on 19, there is something you need to know. You’re going to go through a lot of crap in the seven years that you spend as a teenager. It’s going to hurt, really freaking bad. You’re going to mess up more times than an octopus can even count on his tentacles. Dear teenage girls, you’re going to have your heart broken at least once. If you somehow don’t go through a heart break one time in these prime years, please let me know your secret. Dear teenage girls, you can tell yourself all you want that you won’t allow a boy to take precedence in your heart, but it’s going to happen. You’re going to find a boy and he’s going to light up your world. You’re going to see his good and his bad, and you’re going to choose to only look at his good no matter how ugly his bad side is. You’re going to pour your heart and soul into him. He’s going to become your world. You’re going to give him what is seems like half of yourself, maybe even all of you. Dear teenage girls, just as fast as you fell for him, he’s probably going to break your heart. You’re going to disagree on something one day, he’s going to move on to the next girl, he’s just not going to be interested anymore, there’s so many reasons why. It’s normal. It’s supposed to happen. You’re not alone.

Dear teenage girls, please realize this now so you can lessen the amount of heartbreak you will endure. A boy doesn’t define who you are and your reason for existence on this earth. He doesn’t determine how happy you’re going to be. That is why we call them boys, because you do not belong with a boy. You belong with a man. A man that will lead you on the path straight to the Lord, one who honors the lords words and teachings, one who will not make you stray further from him, one that will do anything to be with you because he will love you more than those boys who will rip your heart out and throw it away like it’s gum that’s lost it’s flavor in his mouth. He won’t give up on you because of a disagreement. He’ll keep fighting. He will see your worth. He will realize that he doesn’t deserve you, but will fight for you with all that he has.

Dear teenage girls, you’re going to find something wrong with yourself one day. You’re going to look in the mirror and see something you don’t like. I could sit here and bash on society and how it’s all societies fault, but honestly it’s our fault too. Dear teenage girls, you’re going to not like a certain part of your body because either a magazine, a movie, a show, a friend, bullies, something on social media told you so. You’re going to listen, but you don’t have to let it take over you. You don’t have to let their idealized standards of beauty determine if you’re a 1 or a 10. Dear teenage girl, please don’t ever change your body for a boy. Your beauty is not all that is to you, your body does not determine if you are good enough for a boys attention. A boys attention should be the last thing on your mind. Dear teenage girls, people are going to make snide remarks about your body, the dimples on your legs, the one crooked tooth you have, your freckles, the color of your hair, eyes, or skin. Dear teenage girls, just remember that there is more to somebody than their outside looks, because on the inside you’re either beautiful or cruel.

Dear teenage girls, please don’t give your boyfriend at the time husband privileges. You may very well be in love, you may see a future with him, but you don’t know how your future is going to end up. God has a plan for you and he’s doing his best to keep you safe from the dangers of the world. Please do not give yourself away to your boyfriend at the time. It’s going to be hard at times to wait, but in the end saving yourself for the one you choose to marry is going to be worth it in the long run.

The reason I say that he may not stay is because have you ever had a time, or somebody in your life, have a time where your whole world changed in an instant? The same thing can happen with your relationships. People pass away in a blink of an eye, and natural disasters happen when you least expect it. Well, God sometimes changes your life when you least expect it. But it’s always for the better and you can’t always know that your boyfriend of 3 months, a year, or even 3 years will be the one who will get on his knees and cherish for all his days.

Dear teenage girls, you may have already made that mistake of giving a boy husband privileges. It’s okay. It’s not too late to start over. You can take that situation and make it lesson. Dear teenage girls, do not settle for less than what you deserve. You make that list of qualities that you want in your boyfriend, who you should think of as a potential husband in the future and do not settle for anything less. Why waste your time and go through heart break by just dating any cute boy? Cute boys can be bad news. It’s so helpful to already have a list written out so that when you do find a cute boy, that you aren’t so blinded by how you feel about him, that you ignore what you want. It can be easy to dismiss that list in our heads and use excuses like, ” well nobody’s perfect.” ” He just got really mad that one time.” ” He doesn’t mean to treat his friends so poorly.” But, if you go ahead and make a list of characteristics you have to have in your spouse, then there will be no denying if his characteristics don’t match up.

Dear teenage girls, you’re going to have lots of friends. Some may stay, some may go. Some may be here for a season, some may stick through graduation. Your friends are going to change, especially when transitioning from middle school to high school. It’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Dear teenage girls, not every friend you make is meant to stay in your life forever. God puts people in your life for a reason, and he takes them out for a reason too.

Dear teenage girls, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to put God and yourself first. I’m writing this in hopes that you will read this and use this to help make your adventure through your teens to be easier. I wish I had read an article like this from somebody when I was about 13. It honestly would’ve saved me from so much heartbreak and depression. Dear teenage girls, just know that no matter who leaves your life, the chaos that will seem like is swallowing you whole, the stress you’ll be under, just know that the Lord is with you always and he is there to take on your burden. Know that it is okay to make mistakes, that’s why Jesus died for us, because he knew that we would be people driven by our mistakes!

Dear teenage girls, life is going to suck sometimes, and life is going to be amazing. Remember to stick it through and don’t give up because what may now feel like a tsnumai is crashing over you, will turn into the most blissful life you could ever dream of.

Dear teenage girls, it will be hard for you to remember this at times, but you are priceless.


Proverbs 31:30-31 

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

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