A Walk Through My Junior Year (2016-2017)

Hey y’all! So lately I have been looking back on all my photos from my high school years so far. If you guys enjoy this, I’ll make two other blog posts on my Sophomore and Freshman years! Being a Junior, I have had some pretty awesome times, and some sad times, but they’ve all bundled up to make one great year. So, let’s take a look at some photos and I’ll walk you through some of my favorite memories of being 17!

// Nashville Adventures // June 2017 

These pictures above are from the summer right before my Junior year! These were taken in June 2017. My friend Skylar and I took a trip to The Gulch in Nashville, TN! We went and got coffee and breakfast at a place called ‘ Three Brothers Coffee.” We then literally walked ALL of The Gulch in our ankle boots that have heels on them. I can tell you I had about 10+ sores on my feet lol! It was so much fun though! In the first three pictures that is at the coffee shop we went to. The coffee and food was super yummy! They had a super cool little nook of these white and black painted walls that you can take pictures with! Ignore my makeup in that third pic lol, I don’t know what I was thinking. We wanted to dress kind of ” edgy ” so that we would hopefully scare off any guys that wanted to cat call us lol! It kinda worked, kinda not. I have changed so much looking at that picture! The fourth picture with the wings art was so cool! There’s this girl that does her art all over the world, and she leaves her social media handles by them. It’s the cutest thing! Then the three pictures on the bottom row are from when we went and got lunch at ‘ The Pharmacy!’ It is a super trendy, chic, and very cute food place! They have the cutest area to sit outside too for when it’s nice outside! Skylar and I both got two different things and split them with each other, because we couldn’t decide what we wanted! It all sounded so yummy! We decided to splurge and had these huge root beer floats! Then, the very last picture is showing that we got back to our paid parking spot with one minute to spare lol! I told her I had to get a picture because that never happens! Usually you get there a minute late at least lol. This was a super fun adventure that I’m so grateful I got to take!

// Summer Camp 2016! // Sophomore going into my Junior Year // 

Okay, for some reason I couldn’t find all the pics from Summer camp my Junior year? So let’s just go with these lol. This was my first year going to Summer camp with my current church, as I always was super busy during summer and never had the time to go! It was the summer before starting my junior year! In the first picture on the left, I’m standing with my friends Cammy and Madison, then me, and then Cammy’s mom, Mrs. Lisa! In the second picture it’s just me and Madison taking pics on the way to summer camp! The third picture is from one of the activities we did at summer camp, cake decorating. It was so fun but me and Madison were covered in green icing and dye lol! I was trying to go for an ombre cake, but it didn’t really work out very well lol. In the last picture it’s me and Madison on the last day of summer camp right before we left! Summer camp was so much fun that year, and I learned so much. So so thankful for the memories that were made.

// Another Nashville Trip with the Fam //

These are kind of random, but my family and I took a trip to Nashville during my Junior year! The picture on the left was kind of random, but I thought it was cool lol. It was kind of scary but ya know, Nashville is like that! Cool, but scary lol! The second picture was this sign outside of a taco restaurant that said, ” Every day is a new opportunity to eat tacos.” Fun fact: I’m actually not a huge fan of tacos lol. Yeah, I know I’m weird whatever. But I thought my taco loving friends would appreciate it! The third picture, my family and I went and got ice cream from this place called ” Jeni’s Ice cream. ” It was so yummy! They had some really cool flavors that you don’t see everyday! I got dark chocolate, then this marshmallow root beer mint flavor ( it sounds so weird but it’s actually really good! ) Then I got coffee flavor as usual lol. They had other flavors like lavender! Also, their aesthetic was so clean and modern! Look at that marble counter top! Then the last picture is from the same day, I thought I looked good so I took a pic of me and my sister lol. I still can’t get over how different I look from that today! Ugh, feels.

// Memories with a friend //

I just wanted to put together a few of my favorite moments with my friend Madison! The first four on the top row are from when we went to this Pumpkin farm that had a corn maze and fun games! It was super fun! We got to pet some goats ( in the third picture ) and play on little kid things lol. We also found out in the 4th pic that their height chart is not very accurate lol. In the last pic on the top row through the two pics on the bottom row, Madison, I, Lyla, and some of the ladies from church got to go to a mini concert, book signing, and Q & A with For King of Country! We got their book Priceless, we got to see a preview of their new movie Priceless ( which I still need to watch! ), they answered some questions from the audience and they played a few songs for us. It was such a great experience and I love that band so much! They are such a genuine, Christian band! The third pic from the bottom is Madison and I when we got to go out for her birthday! Then the very last picture is from when I started my very first job at Baskin Robbins in the midst of all these events! I really enjoyed this time of my life. I most importantly am so thankful for all the memories that Madison and I have shared!

// Homecoming, Prom 2017, Formal Consultant Job //

Okay, so I decided to kind of throw all three of these events together because they kind of go together lol? The first 4 are from Homecoming! I had so much fun at homecoming, even though the heels were the tallest heels I have ever been able to walk in lol! They were a good 4-5 inches! They were so painful though like I only wore them for pictures lol! But they were cute so. Then the last picture in the first row through the second picture in the second row is from Prom 2017! I had so much fun at that too, and it’s so bittersweet that I have only one more prom left! So many great memories. Then the rest of the pictures are from my last job working as a bridal/formal consultant! The other dresses you see are ones that I modeled for their insta 🙂 Kind of considering getting the blue one on the bottom row for my Senior dress? Not sure, but I was in love with it!


I hope you guys enjoyed this little walk through my Junior year! That’s a good chunk of some of my favorite memories about it! If you enjoy these, make sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll continue with my Sophomore and Freshman years! Y’all have a blessed day and I’ll see you guys on Saturday!

BTW, I’m working on some fashion and beauty related posts for y’all so just hang in there! I promise I haven’t forgotten about them! I’m so excited to get them started! 


1 Timothy 4:12 

Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.


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