12 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Hey you guys! So from the past few months of me blogging and researching ways to become a better blogger, I have thought of a few Do’s and

Don’ts of blogging that might help you guys too! Whether you are a new blogger, still not sure about blogging, or have been blogging for years, these can be helpful to freshen up on and make sure you’re not making a simple ‘oopsie’ that could be hindering you from having a bigger audience or better blog!

1. Do: Participate in Social Media Groups:

  • I find the best way to get my blog out there and meet some fellow bloggers, is by joining Facebook groups for bloggers, Pinterest boards, Forums, and other things like that. Doing this, we can support each other and help each other grow and learn!

2. Don’t:  Don’t Spam people with your blog links, and don’t not support others:

  • Okay, this one annoys me so much. I see people all the time spamming their links on other peoples blogs, social media accounts, etc. you know what I’m talking about! It’s just super rude to spam other people. I also find it so annoying when somebody just drops their link in a comment on one of my blog posts. I totally don’t mind if you leave a nice message about my blog post and THEN link your blog at the end. We must support each other and grow TOGETHER.

    3. Do: Be personal! You’re a human, not a robot, or barbie: 

  • I’m pretty sure we all would rather reading a blog that’s warm, fuzzy, and has characteristic to it! I find blogs to be much more interesting, and feels more like I know the person I’m reading when they are being real and honest. It also helps to share photos of yourself, your life, things that interest you; doesn’t mean you have to give EVERY detail about you! I know some people aren’t comfortable with sharing their information, but it’s little things like just sharing who you are, what you like, a little bit of where you’re from, and such that makes a blog more welcoming. I hope that makes sense lol.

4. Don’t: Be fake/ Lie about who you are: 

  • It is not in your best interest to lie about the things you like just for popularity, or lie about who you are in hopes for more views or people to like you more! You should be as genuine as possible. People can sense when somebody is being fake, and one day the lies will come out and then nobody will want to read what you post anymore, because nobody wants to read about lies. Unless you like gossip, then you should probably check yourself lol. Y’all get my point right? Be truthful, be real. What draws me to a blog is when they are raw about their feelings and don’t sound like everybody else!

    5. Do: Write about things you’re interested about:

    This one makes sense, so I don’t think I need to explain much. Basically, write about what you’re passionate about and interested in, don’t just write about what seems to be popular so you’ll get tons of views. If you’re interested in that popular discussion, then good for you! But like I said before, be genuine about your posts.

    6. Don’t: Don’t Write about something your not passionate about just for views: 

    This I can tell you will definitely not make you happy and enjoy writing your blog. Nobody wants to waste their time doing things they don’t enjoy doing, even if they make a little money from it! Trust me, you’re not going it make much money for long if you don’t write about things you’re passionate about, your content won’t be that strong and people will notice. It’s mainly also just about your happiness. Write about what makes you happy, not just what will get you more money.

    7. Do: Support other bloggers and make friends:

    This is something is not only fun for you to do, but also is great to help others! It will benefit your blog, and knowledge of blogging by making fellow blogger friends! You can join forces and do things like guest posting that will help share the word about one another’s blogs!

    8. Don’t: Don’t stick to your own little world:

    Like I was saying above, don’t stick to your own little world. Explore what is out there! You might find other blogs that will help give you ideas on how to improve your blog, such as how often to post, what looks good, and cool features that you’d like to use! I’m not saying copy anybody’s blog, that’s not cool, but making friends and checking out other blogs is beneficial to you and to them! You’ll enjoy blogging so much more if you meet some friends a long the way. Whether they are there to keep you accountable or give good, critical advice, you should try it out!

    9. Do: Be consistent: 

    This is something that I, myself has struggled with a lot. You should try to be as consistent as possible. Think about it, are you more likely to come back to a blog that is posting regularly, or to one that posts randomly through out the month? I’m guilty of this too! Sometimes I have off days where I’m just like wow, I really can’t write today. One good piece of advice, is to write a few blogs before hand that you can post whenever you’re having one of those days! It can be the simplest of post from maybe a blogger tag like the get to know you tag! It could even just be a post of you telling a short story, or showing pictures of a time in your life! Just make sure you’re posting something you genuinely like, and not just to post something! Even on your off days, you wanna be able to have a back up post that your readers would still enjoy!

    10. Don’t: Don’t be irregular, or have no game plan:

    Not only is it a great way to keep your followers coming back for more, but it will keep your mind at peace. I find that when I don’t have a schedule of what day or days that I’m posting on, I often loose track of how many days it’s really been since I’ve posted. It also just keeps us who like to be organized, in peace!

    11. Do: Have a purpose for blogging:

    A lot of people blog just to blog, and not because they like it. It might seem fine and dandy with the first few posts, but if it’s something you don’t actually enjoy then you’ll find later that you don’t enjoy it! This also goes for if your only purpose in blogging is to make some extra cash, sure yeah it’s a nice addition, but you won’t be able to keep up with doing it if it’s not something you like doing. I think this makes sense, so I’ll stop trying to explain it lol.

    12. Don’t: Don’t blog with just becoming ” famous ” in mind:

    Did you know out of all the blogs that are made every year, an estimated 95% or more end up failing. Yeah, that’s probably a hit in the face, but you don’t have to let it be! It should be motivation to stand far apart from the ones that don’t actually want to thrive in their blogging. A lot of people think, ” Oh, I’ll just become a blogger and I’ll be all over Pinterest boards, making money,”  all this stuff, but it’s so much harder than you think! Also, I feel it’s not very genuine to only blog with becoming famous in mind. It kind of just sounds like you’re using your audience for fame and money, and I know I don’t want to follow somebody who’s like that.


So that’s it for my 12 Do’s and Don’t of blogging! I hope this helps some people out, or just keeps you in check! Remember to have fun with blogging; becoming famous or making money off of it is just something extra awesome about it! Especially if you’re making it your career and you enjoy it! Who doesn’t want to have a career that they enjoy?

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now officially going to be posting every Tuesday and Saturday! I will post at 11 am ( whatever TN time is lol ) 

Y’all have a majorly, incredibly blessed day!


Romans 8:38-39

Yes, I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor ruling spirits, nothing now, nothing in the future, no powers, nothing above us, nothing below us, nor anything else in the whole world will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.



16 thoughts on “12 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

  1. Favourited this page 🙂 Really well thought out, and looks like you took ages to write it! Honestly being yourself when creating and writing your blog is so important! No point mimicking someone else, as no one is going to want to read a clone of another blog!

    Love From Rowan | At Rollibeauty.co.uk

  2. These are all so true! I somehow didn’t know about all of the social media groups out there for bloggers, and now that I’ve gotten more involved, my blog is growing and I am learning a lot, too! Not to mention meeting so many great people.

    And you’re so right – if you’re only focused on YOUR blog and not on meeting other people and reading other blogs, you miss out on half the fun of blogging! Great tips!

    xoxo, Paige

    1. I didn’t know that they were so beneficial when I first started out, but I had found some good ones like on Facebook and they are so helpful!! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. I love these! You’re so right, it’s so much better to be genuine than to be some made up mess! I find it so much easier to be who I am when I type, grammar included, than to try to sound super professional!

  4. This is really helpful for me as a new blogger. It’s always important to show support and be authentic. I’m working on trying to be more personable, but I guess that will come as time passes. You’re so right about us not being robots, or barbies. Thanks!

  5. I love the way your page is set up! Looks beautiful. Also, blogging about what interests ME is so important.. and I hope that people will tag along for the ride. I could never write about what interests other people. Not my thing!

    1. Thank you so much! That makes my heart so happy to hear! Yes girl! It’s not my thing either, I would get so bored, I probably wouldn’t make it through the first post! Looking at your blog right now and I love it so far! xoxo

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